Saturday, June 12, 2010

WWKIP Day ~ June 12, 2010

Today our local Ravelry group celebrated World Wide Knit In Public Day

We gathered around the fountain at The MarketPlace in Bakersfield, California

Oh my goodness where do I start...when we decided to celebrate ~ participate in WWKIPD it was posted and we immediately had responses from knitters and crocheters who wanted to come and join I decided that perhaps we should have a drawing. I went through my stash and pulled out a few things and then I posted it on our forum that we would have a drawing.

Well, let me tell you, the donations started flying in. We had donations from some of the members of our group ~ Suzanne, Patty, Virginia, Christy, Gail, Joyce and myself. With just these items gift bags were made up ~ enough for 13 drawings! Now as if that wasn't enough, Kerry (from Visalia) arrives and donates yarns, dvd, stitch markers...and then Janet from Ridgecrest donates yarn...okay...wonderful...but then here comes April, from San Luis Obispo...with armloads of donations. Thank you Nordic Mart in San Luis Obispo...yarn, pattern books...

With all the donations we had 35-40 drawings....everyone who was entered in the drawing who was present received at least one prize and then I think we had another 10 items to give.

It Was A Blast!
And if that wasn't enough...Bakersfield Channel 23 ABC showed up to do an interview! (Thank you Carl)

Participants came from San Luis Obispo; Tehachapi, Visalia, Ridgecrest, Porterville, Palmdale, Lancaster and Las Vegas, Nevada...Angie came to our first one three years ago from Las Vegas, she made it last year and now again, this year...WWKIPD wouldn't be the same without her.

Now, if I miss a name or mess up a name and city...please let me know and I'll post a correction...because you all know how crazy it was today.
Participants included....

Christy - Bakersfield
Betsy - Wasco
Katie - Wasco
Caroline - Ridgecrest
Carol - Ridgecrest
Janet - Ridgecrest
Jackie - Bakersfield
Marlene - Bakersfield
Jennifer - Bakersfield
Della - Bakersfield
Mary Ann - Bakersfield
Victoria - Bakersfield
Angie - Las Vegas
April - San Luis Obispo
Cindy - Bakersfield
Kerry - Visalia
Shannon - Lancaster
Susan - Bakersfield
Michelle - Bakersfield
Hannah - Bakersfield
Patty - Bakersfield
Virginia - Bakersfield
Devi - Bakersfield
Sandra - Bakersfield
Nicole - Palmdale (her boyfriend drove her over and he stayed!)
Dolores - Tehachapi
Jackie - Tehachapi
Dawn - Lancaster
Angie - Lancaster
Nancy - Lancaster
Suzanne - Bakersfield
Joyce - Bakersfield
Junie - Bakersfield
Jo - Bakersfield
Jane - Bakersfield (accompanied by daughter Cassie)
Marsha - Bakersfield
Gail - Bakersfield
Ruth - Bakersfield

This is Kerry showing us his Aeolian Shawl ~ absolutely gorgeous

More photos are posted to flickr (for some reason I'm having difficulty posting photos)

(This post by Ruth) (edited to correct city for Betsy and Katie; add Marsha)
(edited again to include link to flickr photos)