Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Meetup

Yesterday out local group met at Lengthwise ~ it was nice, a bit loud at times, but then again think how loud we can get

Jennifer showed off Violet and the twins Vinnie and Val. They are her visiting monsters from Danger Crafts and the Traveling Monster board

New member, Shari, was welcomed ~ she's been knitting for about a year and was doing duplicate stitch on a hat

Jackie showed her baby blanket in progress

Pat shared yarn that she purchased on a recent road trip to Three Rivers

But I guess the highlight was Christy ~ she made a trip to Stitches West ~ her newest acquisitions

Sunday, February 13, 2011

She's done it again!

Yesterday I received my copy of 'Cast On' (the official publication of The Knitting Guild Association)

Over the past months when members of our group would meet there was one person working very diligently on certain projects...we watched as the projects started with an idea, various knitting books of techniques, stitch patterns, etc; then out came the yarn and needles and before long a finished item.

In this issue of Cast On our very own Suzanne has two patterns published. (Does this woman ever stop?)

First, incorporating cables, bobbles and traveling stitches she designed a 'pill box' inspired Aran hat.
(I've put this on my neverending to knit list)

Second, an absolutely gorgeous (I've seen it in person so I do know what I'm talking about here) Mosaic Yoke Cardigan. This cardigan is knitted using fingering weight yarn!

Both patterns can be seen on Ravelry

Suzanne ~ Congratulations ~ Job Well Done