Sunday, August 22, 2010


...if you walked by the tables at the local Panera's this morning that's exactly what you would have heard...chatter

Headlines may have read: "Local Knitters Chat As The Needles And Yarn Flies"

We had a good time today...

...and to top it off...we had THREE Jennifers...and they sat together....

We saw one Jennifer bind off her shawl...gorgeous

One Jennifer supplied the group with cookies

Tiffany popped in from Barstow...and showed off her beautiful striped sweater

Pat was accompanied by her daughter, Annie, who has been visiting (she goes back to grad school in Brooklyn soon)'s been wonderful watching Annie manipulate those tiny little beads into sparkly bracelets

Virginia was also accompanied by her daughter Devi. Devi crocheted a baby blanket, so soft and cuddly

Suzanne modeled a sweater...not just any sweater...this sweater was hand knit in Estonia and is a Riina Tomberg design...the sweater is a work of workmanship

Christy, MaryAnn and Ruth were all working on their latest projects

Stay tuned for more late breaking one ever knows what this group is up to or where they are going...I did hear the phrase "road trip" mentioned....

(This post is by Ruth-Grandy)

Friday, August 13, 2010

W E L L D O N E !

A few short weeks ago Suzanne received a message from a friend...a friend of hers from church is in Malawi and asked if it was possible to have little hats and booties for preemie babies sent to her through a relative who will be going to Malawi this month.
The Yarn Mavens jumped in and went to work...the items were delivered to Suzanne's friend yesterday.

Items being sent are...

Lori knitted booties and hats on a knitting loom and then wrapped them up with a nice ribbon...she also made fleece blankets to match;

Jo hand knitted a baby blanket and Jane also hand knitted a little hat;
Patty knitted the cutest little hats while her 14 year old daughter, Paige, sewed little blankets;

Ruth hand knitted teeny tiny booties/socks and included some knitted hats

I know those little preemie babies in Malawi will appreciate having a hat and booties to keep their heads and feet warm and of course a blankie to cuddle in
Our prayers go out to each and every little one and their families who will be touched by these items

I read somewhere that the mortality rate for these little babies is something like 85%

It just warms the cockles of my heart knowing that we helped a little one survive
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Meetup at Panera's

A group of us met up at the local Panera Bread Company this evening, as we usually do on Tuesdays....

Virginia showed us her recent yarn acquisitions that just sort of followed her home...beautiful yarn...and she knows what she is going to knit with each one.

Jo modeled her shrug...she knitted it out of Peaches and Cream cotton is nice and soft...

Jo also showed us a teddy bear she made for Jane...she had gotten the kit from Annie's Attic...cute little thing...even has his own knitted scarf

Pat made us a bit jealous (well maybe just me)...she was in the right place at the right time...when she put in an order at "The Loopy Ewe" it just happened to be their anniversary...she showed off her 'ewe' cup, Smooshy sock yarn (wool and cashmere) and a sock pattern...

Jane showed us a little jumper dress that she knitted for her 2 year old granddaughter, just add some white tights, mary janes and a white shirt...lucky little girl!

Paige brought her boyfriend along with her tonight...he didn't take up knitting but he evidently enjoyed the company (or maybe it was the food) as he was there quite a while before heading for Target.

Gail has made great progress on her hat...looks great girl...I look forward to seeing it on your head.

Pat's daughter is visiting from New York (she attends graduate school in NYC)...

Two new ladies joined us tonight also, Diane and Jennifer...welcome ladies...your company was enjoyed and we hope you'll be able to make more gatherings...

Lori stopped by to drop off a big bag with receiving blankets, hats and booties....some of our group has been making hats and booties and blankies over the last month...they'll be taken to Malawi for the little always makes me feel good all over when I've done some form of charity work...I have a bag of little preemie hats and booties ready for delivery...(sorry Lori, the picture came out all cattywhompus)

Suzanne couldn't make it tonight...she is being kept extra busy at work this are missed.

Our next meetup will be on Thursday morning at Borders on Stockdale...we'd love to have you join us!

This post is by Ruth (Grandy on Ravelry)