Wednesday, June 17, 2009


On Saturday June 13th, we celebrated World Wide Knit In Public Day at the Marketplace in Bakersfield, Ca.

We had over 20 knitters sitting in the shade working on various projects.
I had a great time knitting on the group blanket.
We got a couple more inches completed.
I also got a few rounds of my doily completed.

Suzanne was re-working her previously completed sweater.
There were plenty of socks being knit and a few pretty scarves.
Tiffany had a beautiful angular baby blanket in green tones.

Christy showed off her new knitting shirt, "I knit, so I don't kill people."
hehehe.... I think we all relate.
Suzanne covered the rest so very well, why try to re-write it. From Suzanne's Ravelry post:

"We got to visit with some old friends, meet some Ravelers who finally decided to join us in person, and meet several new people who have not had a chance to join Ravelry yet.

We met Brittany who teaches classes at Beverly’s, June and Stephanie who attend the monthly Wednesday Barnes and Noble class that Linda Phillips teaches. We met Linda/CardiSmarti too. We also met Virginia6915, Lunatone, BordeauxBeth, and Coollinda who are all on Ravelry, but new to one of our functions, and Coollinda’s friend Eileen from San Diego.

The person who came the furthest was Sybina, coming all the way from Las Vegas. Also coming from out of town were Mojaveknitter - from Barstow and KnottyKnitter40 from Edwards.

Then there were the old friends - jabezprayer, Dragonyady, Elpsso, Grandy, 661momof5, redpixisticks, morgaine1, and finally Ariliss who we hadn’t seen since our last WWKIP in 2008."


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

A very lovely post and a very fun day thankyou for helping me with the ideas for what yarn to use for the curtain and I loved your project just lovely:)Hugs Darcy

Suzanne said...

It was a really nice day all in all. Great post. The blog is looking really good.