Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dyeing Day at Dulitz

The Fruits of Our Labor

Yesterday 15 knitters and spinners converged on Carol, the owner of Dulitz Christmas Tree Farm in Springville, California.

Why? Yarn Dyeing! Potluck lunch! Spinning! Camaraderie!

Carol runs a yarn shop out of her log cabin most of the year and a gift shop during the Christmas Tree season. She and Bren graciously gave of their time to teach our group how to dye and overdye yarn.

Dyeing is a messy job but boy was it fun...just watching the white yarn take the different colors was amazing.

While some of us were dyeing Sabrina, Darin and Ann were spinning their hearts away.

We enjoyed a potluck lunch in the shade with a nice cool breeze. Potlucks are always great ~ you never know what you're going to have.

Carol ~ a big thank you for opening your shop and allowing us to bombard you.

Bren ~ a big thank you for helping us choose colors and going over the process with us (Carol was busy running from one place to another).

Here are a few photos of our day.

Carol going over the process with Suzanne and Shirley

Jane and her daughter Cassie ~ Cassie dyed a sock blank to her liking with her colors.

Christy having some fun!

Ruth overdyed some beautiful gold yarnGail getting a tip from Carol

Jen's dyeing was accidently done solarly...while waiting for the microwave it was heated in the sun and turned out beautifully. With the temperatures in Bakersfield in the triple digits this part should be easy during the summer!

Sabrina spinning on her wheel while Darin showed us buttons that he made from different sources (antlers and different woods). Darin's lovely wife, Wendy was beaming. Darin also spins some lovely yarn that we all got to pet.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Looks like alot of fun was had by all:) Hugs Darcy

Suzanne said...

Not only do we have a guy in our group now - but a very good looking one at that.

Meg said...
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Meg said...

Those yarns are gorgeous! So glad you all had a good time. One of these times, when the kiddos are a bit older, my mum and I will have to come along.

Nancy said...

Would have loved to have seen those buttons close up!

cockeyed said...

looks like a great time!

cupcakefaerie said...

What fun! And such beautiful work!