Monday, November 9, 2009

Chatting, Sharing and Learning

This morning four of our group got together at the local Borders Bookstore cafe for a weekly get together.

Virginia brought to share two pairs of socks that she knitted for her husband in the mid-50's. Both argyle and both outstanding ~ the workmanship! The stitches are so small and even...if only

Suzanne shared a wallaby (hooded sweatshirt type of sweater) that she is knitting for her granddaughter...gorgeous yarn in additon to putting her own stamp on the pattern with cableing...another heirloom.

Patty showed us her monkeys...sock pattern by Cookie A. (one I will definitely have to try)...

And me, Ruth (in case no one knows me), I worked on the toe of the hat heel socks (a pattern from just need to kitchener the toe and then work on the legs...


This Saturday the KTK Yarn Mavens will be getting together for their 'one Saturday a month get together' at California Pizza Kitchen on Stockdale Hwy in Bakersfield. It looks like we will have a pretty good turnout which is always nice. Sabrina, of Anzula in Fresno, will be our guest. Sabrina spins, dyes and knits (and probably a few other crafty things to that we'll find out Saturday).


January 2010 will mark the 2nd Anniversary of our group. Pretty good for a bunch who met online through don't you think! We need to have a party! Any suggestions?

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