Thursday, August 13, 2009

Local Yarn Stores

So I added a section on the right hand edge for links to our Local Yarn Stores. Judy at Classy Knits and Yarns was the first one to send me a photo. Thank you Judy!
So if you click on her icon, you'll go straight to her store's website. The fall line of yarns and all those books you've been waiting for have arrived. so go check it out.

Dear ABC's of Creative Pursuits, and Bead and Yarn,
If you'd like your link on our page, please send me a picture of your store logo. I'll post it right away.
Sincerely, Stephanie


Boud said...

I can't seem to find a followers button to click. Do you have one? if so, I'll follow you!

Boud, visiting from Ravelry

The KTK Yarn Mavens said...

Dear Boud,

I'm so glad to see you found our blog and want to follow it! The follower button is on the right side of the page 5 boxes down. :) Right below our Ravelry button!