Friday, August 7, 2009

Shady Leafy Day

Our meetup at the park on Rio Bravo on July 25th was a great success, despite the blistering heat. The park had great shade trees, a covered patio and a playground for the kidlets. We had 11 people attend, including newcomers Bee and her friend (oh, I hope I don't have this wrong.) Emma? Tiffany joined us from Barstow along with us regulars, Suzanne, Jane, Jo, Christy, Ari, Myself, Joan and Ruth. I brought my family to play at the playground.
The potluck was delicious. Jane brought us cheese enchiladas. There were several yummy salads. Ari made stuffed eggs (deviled eggs are spiced, we learned.). Ruth brought brownies! ohhh yummy. and Bee brought strawberry cake. yum!
ok. I like food. :) hehehe.....
Jane showed us her blue and yellow fair-isle socks. Ari brought a bunch of baby sweaters, including a Baby Surprise. beautiful, but wow, how does that fold up? Tiffany was working on her triangular baby blanket. I had crocheted socks. yep. you can crochet socks.
Suzanne showed us her green sweater, with the fair-isle design that she designed herself. It was wonderful. She also brought her creamy cashmere shawl. I felt its lovely softness. The shawl was unusual because of it's construction. Not done in the usual top down row by row fashion, it was done in panels with tons of picked up stitch sections.
The August meetup location hasn't been settled on, but we're thinking about meeting by chat room. September and October will be held at the park.

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