Sunday, August 22, 2010


...if you walked by the tables at the local Panera's this morning that's exactly what you would have heard...chatter

Headlines may have read: "Local Knitters Chat As The Needles And Yarn Flies"

We had a good time today...

...and to top it off...we had THREE Jennifers...and they sat together....

We saw one Jennifer bind off her shawl...gorgeous

One Jennifer supplied the group with cookies

Tiffany popped in from Barstow...and showed off her beautiful striped sweater

Pat was accompanied by her daughter, Annie, who has been visiting (she goes back to grad school in Brooklyn soon)'s been wonderful watching Annie manipulate those tiny little beads into sparkly bracelets

Virginia was also accompanied by her daughter Devi. Devi crocheted a baby blanket, so soft and cuddly

Suzanne modeled a sweater...not just any sweater...this sweater was hand knit in Estonia and is a Riina Tomberg design...the sweater is a work of workmanship

Christy, MaryAnn and Ruth were all working on their latest projects

Stay tuned for more late breaking one ever knows what this group is up to or where they are going...I did hear the phrase "road trip" mentioned....

(This post is by Ruth-Grandy)

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