Friday, August 13, 2010

W E L L D O N E !

A few short weeks ago Suzanne received a message from a friend...a friend of hers from church is in Malawi and asked if it was possible to have little hats and booties for preemie babies sent to her through a relative who will be going to Malawi this month.
The Yarn Mavens jumped in and went to work...the items were delivered to Suzanne's friend yesterday.

Items being sent are...

Lori knitted booties and hats on a knitting loom and then wrapped them up with a nice ribbon...she also made fleece blankets to match;

Jo hand knitted a baby blanket and Jane also hand knitted a little hat;
Patty knitted the cutest little hats while her 14 year old daughter, Paige, sewed little blankets;

Ruth hand knitted teeny tiny booties/socks and included some knitted hats

I know those little preemie babies in Malawi will appreciate having a hat and booties to keep their heads and feet warm and of course a blankie to cuddle in
Our prayers go out to each and every little one and their families who will be touched by these items

I read somewhere that the mortality rate for these little babies is something like 85%

It just warms the cockles of my heart knowing that we helped a little one survive
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Dkalla said...

You ladies were/ARE AWESOME!!! We have been truly blessed by your generosity and love!! Thank you on behalf of Debbie Morales who will be leaving Thursday for Malawi!!!

Morales22 said...

Awesome,Amazing,Absolutely a BLESSING! All arrived about an hour ago, and are already in the suitcase.Thank you from the bottem of my heart and in advance for the little persons they were meant for.They will be delivered in the Aug. 25-Sept 20 time as we travel throughout the country and visit various villages, clinics, etc.
Thank Lord, for bringing this all together! Debbie Morales